onsdag den 25. marts 2015

Long term goals for shmupping: Purpose is primarily getting better and having fun while playing. To that end here's the end results I'm pursuing. I am well aware that I may never be able to claim enough skill or dedication to succeed but fuck that. Here's what I'd like to do:

Touhou game Lunatic No-bomb runs with as few deaths as possible. NMNB on any game is challenging in that a single fuck-up can mess you up. My aim is to at least attempt these challenges with some regularity. Already have Lunatic No-bomb on all the games aside from EoSD but I feel like polishing up some of the earlier things before I play EoSD, preferably with a NMNB or two.

Dodonpachi 2-ALL with at least 400 million points. Playing as C-L, it is my target to reach the 2-6 boss on a NMNB run. Very hard to do because of 2-5 and 2-6 and where I am currently I can probably not do this but this is what I'm moving towards. Should probably play this game some more if I wish to achieve it but I don't want to go full DDP, at least not while there's so much stuff to do within Touhou. Chains are daunting to learn as I'm a player who typically just wanna dodge things and not follow mechanical routes so I'll not spend time learning those until after some severe mindset adjustment. This game is badass though and if I ever score a game, it will probably be this one. But not now. I'm not ready for the long haul.

Clearing other Arcade shmups. Ketsui, DOJBL, DFK, Strikers 99, Gunbird 2 and Dragon Blaze come to mind. But not before I'm done with/get fed up with other things.

søndag den 18. januar 2015

Shmups Progress Log

I am a player who primarily have been focused on attempting challenging shooting games with the aim of achieving difficult 1cc's and as clean survival as possible. Essentially i hate bombing and dying so I try to practice my way to minimize my resource spending and I feel bad if my run fails something I wanted it to capture. I perceive a run as not necessarily entirely lost just because of silly mishaps if you make up for it by delivering solid play at the parts that truly matter to me.

I have recently been interested in scoring although my efforts at learning more about it have been depressingly weak as I find the process of learning new things to be daunting. I'm fine with spending long time practicing what I already know and developing my consistency but for some reason trying to learn new things is not as fun as it ought to be, which turns into a problem with scoring compared to just surviving things where its usually a lot simpler. But ehh.. lets see if I won't step it up and figure out how to play something more skillfully.


Gemini Wing ALL
EspGaluda ALL
EspGaluda 2 ALL
Mushihimesama Futari Maniac ALL
Akai Katana Shin ALL
Death Smiles ALL with 4x Lv3 No Canyon
Dodonpachi Saidaioujou A-S ALL - Not sure what to feel about this one.
Exceed 3rd Black Package Hard 1cc
Donpachi US 2-4 
Dodonpachi 2-6
Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label 2-5
Ketsui 2-4 Omote
Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu  2-5 Omote
Strikers 99 2-2
Gunbird 1st Loop 1MNB
Dragon Blaze - 2-1
 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Lunatic 1cc
Perfect Cherry Blossom L3MNB
Imperishable Night Lunatic L6MNB A-Route
Mountain of Faith Lunatic L1MNB
Subterranean Animism L4MNB
Undefined Fantastic Object L7MNB
Ten Desires L3MNBNT
Double Dealing Character L8MNB


Imperishable Night Lunatic; 3.5 billion
Mountain of Faith Extra: 931 million
Mountain of Faith Lunatic: 1.541 billion
Subterranean Animism: 1.3 billion
Dodonpachi: 172 million
Ketsui: 166 million
Mushihimesama Futari Maniac: 225 million
Espgaluda: 29 million
Deathsmiles: 180 million
Gunbird 2: 1.1 million
Strikers 99:  985,500
Fairy Wars B-1 Lunatic: 67 million.